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Portrait Of The Artist

Irish Artist Diarmuid Boyd makes vividly colourful paintings in oil, mixed media and collage. His quirky and surreal contemporary art consists of strange inventions and weird, wild, imagined worlds. He makes witty and playful comments about the human condition with many references to ancient and contemporary life. The originality and quality of his work attracts art collectors worldwide.

Painting is his passion. These works that he is now showing have gestated in his studio for a long time. After years of development he now feels ready to release them to the world.

This website has just relaunched with a new online store making a large selection of his work available to view and purchase. The news section will be updated regularly in an effort to keep visitors informed of Diarmuid’s ideas, his life and the mysterious processes of making art.

“It starts from the first mark – unconscious impulses begin to stir, and from here images suggest themselves. I don’t start with any idea of how the finished work will look but follow the flow of inspiration and the paint. Artists I admire like Klee and Ernst also used these methods. Sometimes attached objects find their way onto the surfaces of these paintings.”

A painting can make an emotional connection with the viewer & continue to reveal more with repeated viewings. This is highly unconventional art that will appeal to those who value ideas that fall outside the mainstream.